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Yoga Teacher Training


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

June 4 - 24, 2022

A 21-day immersion deep within mother nature, jungle and ocean medicine to nourish all the senses.

The Bhakti Path combines traditional yoga asana with heart-centered devotion and is intended for yogis who wish to compliment their physical practice with mantra techniques designed to reach higher states of consciousness. This ancient technology helps us remember the interconnectedness of all: our relationship to self, to others, and the earth herself.

Our Vinyasa practice moves the body through the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and aether to create a blueprint of understanding the body, inner worlds, and an awareness of what is. Embodied practice grounds us deeper into who we truly are, which redefines how we move through the world. As within, so without.

The longest journey one will take is from the head to the heart.

Find out if this journey is yours by scheduling a discovery call with the link below.


Yoga Alliance Accredited 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
June 4 - 24, 2022 | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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