M e e t   G r a c e
| life embodiment coach |

I grew up in a single-parent, immigrant household. I was given everything I wanted, no matter what it was my mom would buy it for me. I was often called “spoiled” and on the outside, it looked great.


On paper it looked like I had everything–a roof over my head, endless toys, books, movies, whatever I wanted to eat. But behind closed doors, I was left alone. I didn’t have the emotional support that I desperately needed, especially as a triple-water sign 😅. 


When I sought out this support from my mom, it was met with her exhaustion. As a single mom, Filipino-raised, hard-working woman in a new country, her priority was keeping the roof over our heads and giving me a life she didn’t. She did not have the emotional capacity to hold me because she was just surviving. This disconnect led to a lot of anger and physical outbursts that left me wounded. I was hurting and had no one I could trust to turn to.


I turned to men–no boys, who took advantage of my vulnerability.

I turned to work, over-serving and sacrificing myself for communities who needed my support. Pouring all my love and energy into helping others, with no boundaries in sight.

I turned to so-called friends, seeking their validation and company, which was built on a shallow, shakeable foundation.


I didn’t know how to create depth with others, let alone within myself.


I was alone but did not know how to be alone.


Then I found yoga, which opened up a whole new way of living. I found the power of breathwork and working with my body to release shit I didn’t know I was holding onto. 

I found new pathways that offered new perspectives, opening the Akashic Records, myofascial release, astrology, and so much more. I found my spirituality. I found connection to my own divine nature, beyond what I ever thought was possible.


This opened up space to dive deeper into who I was, really. I got to know my body, this vessel that held my life’s memories within it. My body remembered the pain that my mind chose to forget.

And as I opened up these hidden spaces, I not only cleared the wound but integrated the memory into my being.


For the first time in my life, I was able to accept ALL of me, the darkness and shadows along with the light and love. I did this for me, but at the same time, I did this for my entire ancestral line. I shifted them from fear and restriction to compassion, confidence, and love. 


My work on myself rippled out into generations before me, giving me space to forgive my mom and create a healthy relationship with her. This acceptance allowed me to trust myself and courageously pursue my passions, lead others, and love myself. Even my romantic partnership shifted to feel more stable, honest, and authentic as I leaned more into my own truth, my own healing.


This is the level of acceptance, love, and trust that I want to bring to my children, to the next generation. Accepting their humanness, seeing their faults, and instead of feeling shame and guilt–finding love and compassion. Leading by example by fully loving all my parts so that they can do the same. Guiding them through the challenges of life with vulnerability and strength, so that they can pass it on and do the same.


What I’ve learned…

  • You can’t love someone else fully if you don’t love yourself

  • You can’t accept someone else fully unless you accept yourself first

  • You can only understand someone else to extent you understand yourself


Our babies’ souls choose to come to us when we are ready to receive them. 

When you open up space to hear their call and prepare your mind, your body, and your soul to be their mother, they will come. Are you ready?


With yoga did you study any of the spiritual teachings about souls picking us? 


What I’ve learned …

Can’t love someone else fully if you don’t love yourself 

Can’t accept someone else fully unless you accept yourself first 


Trainings & Certifications: 500-RYT Yoga Alliance; 300-hour Sattva Yoga Academy; 200-hour Breathe for Change; Yin Yoga Certification, Spectrum Yoga with Melissa Christensen; Trauma-Informed Yoga: ECHO Trauma & Resiliency Training I & II, ECHO Yoga for Trauma, Green Tree Yoga & Meditation, and Yoga-Ed; Restorative Justice; Multiple-Subject Credentialed Teacher, Master's in Education