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Become the best parent without sacrificing yourself or losing your sanity


A 3-month transformational journey for moms who are ready to feel calm, empowered, and at peace and finally embody the joy they always thought motherhood would feel like. 

YOUR Empowered Momhood


  • Have heartfelt conversations in the car on the way to school.

  • Jam out alongside your kids because everyone's is present and so at peace, no matter what song is actually playing on the speakers.

  • Make jokes and laughing with your family as you all take on household tasks and care for your home together.

  • Finally feel calm and present with your kids and able to enjoy the small day-to-day moments and messes

  • Settle down for the night with cuddles and soft whispers of how much you love each other, feeling the warmth of each others' embrace.



If you've found yourself on this page, your life probably feels more like...

  • Constantly questioning yourself if you're doing it right, if you're doing a good job, if there's something you could be doing better.

  • Feeling the consistent pangs of mom guilt and slowly letting it eat away inside of you.

  • A good day consists of everyone being fed and staying alive–you're raising a family that's all in survival mode.

  • Giving in to what everyone else wants just to try and "keep the peace", the resentment builds, and inevitably someone blows up, someone storms off, leaving things feeling chaotic and intense.

  • It feels like everything falls on your shoulders and you're doing your best just to stay afloat.


This is the 
life-changing SUPPORT
 you've been looking for.

Empower yourself with tools and the vision to create the life for you & your family you've always dreamed of

Reflect on your relationship to yourself and how you model for your kids

Organize and set boundaries to love others in your most healthy expression

| Meet Your Guide |

Hi, I'm Grace!

As an only-child of a single-parent, immigrant household, I felt the effects of a parent who did not know how to handle big feelings and unconsciously imprinted some hurtful beliefs about who I was and my place in the world.

I knew, early on, that I never wanted another child to feel the way that I felt. I made it my life's mission to be the adult for kids that I always needed growing up and did my own healing through breathwork, yoga, myofascial release, sister communities, and astrology to break these patterns myself.

Over the last 15 years, I've worked as camp counselor, elementary school teacher, social-emotional learning facilitator, national speaker, professional development educator, and mindfulness teacher... yet through all of these avenues, I've found that you, the parents, are the key to success for your children.


You are their first teacher. You are their ultimate role model.

This is why I love this work and want to create safe spaces for mamas, like you, to dive deep into your transformation. Here we work together to regain your peace and recenter yourself back to your most empowered mama state so that you can show up fully present and connected for your family.


Your Transformational Journey Includes:

2 Live Coaching Calls per Month from Feb-April 2023

($1000 value)

3 Breathwork Sessions

($150 value)

3 Embodiment Practices

($150 value)

Live Support & Community via WhatsApp Group

($360 value)

Being at home and feeling at peace


Total Value:


Your Investment:

Payment plans available.

Reach out to with all questions & payment plan inquiries.

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