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Breathwork + Meditation

Allow energy to flow, as we deepen focus and connection

Breathwork includes ancient yogic pranayama techniques and kriya yoga. Both of these practices allow you to move the subtle energy within and around your body. When we tune in to how our breath shifts our state of being, we are able to more mindfully regulate our emotions and feelings.

When we allow ourselves to then come into stillness, we can shed the layers of ourselves that no longer serve us. We create space for what we want to draw in and manifest.

Every individual's practice differs, and it's important to find what works specifically for you. It's a journey, and can be challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Explore my menu of options below, and if you're still in need of guidance... connect with me! I'm happy and willing to support you on your journey towards your truest and most authentic self.

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Embodiment Coaching

Are you ready to expand and shift?

The Western world has put us in a grind. We work all day long, living for the weekends. It's heavy and just not fun anymore. Is this the life you dreamed?

Let's be real, living ain't easy. And the truth is, self-care and mental health should not be living on your back burner. 

Together, we will work to find where you are disconnected in your life, love, and body. Integrating the practices of breathwork, meditation, movement, yoga, and intuitive guidance, we uncover the shadows that keep you from embodying your entire being. We will work to integrate any misalignments, deepening our own awareness and flowing more freely towards full embodiment.

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Yoga with Grace

Everybody has a different body. Having the individual attention of a teacher can allow you to explore what really works for you and your needs. During our sessions together, we will work to address any areas of tension and stress, finding physical, mental, and emotional release.

Sessions are flexible and can be conducted in small groups as well.

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Astro Gong Yoga

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Astro Gong Yong

Tuesdays & Thursdays


*Proceeds benefit Downtown Women's Center and Native Americans in Philanthropy

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