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Step into Conscious Parenthood

Find presence in your day-to-day.

Enjoy the moments you share with your kids.

Create strong family structure. 

Build core memories to last a lifetime.


I see you trying your best

Does it feel like no matter how hard you try,

you're just hanging on by a thread?

Hi, I'm Grace! I am a former elementary school teacher turned Parent Coach. I've helped hundreds of parents, just like you, move from chaos and stressed to calm and connected.

Parenthood is no easy task. We weren't taught how to parent. There are many books and courses, yet every child is so different and the overwhelm is so real... it's nearly impossible to keep up. The feelings of shame and guilt can fool us into thinking that this suffering is "normal" and necessary. But it's not.

You can live in the mess and find peace and laughter as your kids throw flour on the kitchen floor. It can feel like a fun game to get ready for school and smiles can fill the space as your shoulders relax into the start of your day.

This is all possible. Let me show you how...

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BREATHWORK Reset Session

Gift yourself 30-minutes to

RESET your nervous system.


There's a lot on your plate, and when you're running on empty, you have little to no patience for your kids.

It's vital for you to carve out the time to re-center and reset, so that you can be the best mom (or dad) for your babies. Create that space for yourself to breathe fully and actually be present in the day-to-day.

Empowered Mamas

Become the best parent without sacrificing yourself or losing your sanity.


Are you looking to get out of survival mode and into a more calm and connected version of yourself?

Are you ready to feel more spacious when you show up for your family?

Have you been looking for some mama support and community?

Imagine waking up to your kids feeling peace and joy as you get ready for the day. Imagine filling the kitchen with laughs and feeling calm as the inevitable spills reach the floor. Create a life that feels grounded and feel confident your presence in each moment.

Reclaim Your Peace

Your life is complex and chaotic, simply running from work to that next soccer game. But you're ready to reclaim your life outside of being the driver, house chef, maid, and bath time connoisseur. 

If you're ready to create life-lasting core memories filled with belly-ached laughter, messes without stress, and smiles that make your cheeks sore... this private mentorship is the perfect program to Reclaim Your Peace and Step into Conscious Parenthood. Not just for your kids, but for you.

Schedule your first call to empower you with your next step...

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