Life Embodiment Coaching

Let's move through the hard shit together 🌙


What is Embodiment Coaching?

Embodiment is the practice of taking the abstract (feelings & thoughts) and making it real, tangible (embodied).


We move through so much in our lives, often unconsciously. It might feel like you’re floating through the motions of life, like things are happening TO you. Life might even feel out of your control.


The traumas, struggles, and emotions that arise are put to the side or suppressed.

When this happens, we disassociate from our feelings and can end up disconnected to our selves. This can show up as numbing with substances, endless scrolling on social media, or spacing out binging TV shows. It can feel like there’s no energy to make your dreams happen, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted.


Through Life Embodiment Coaching, we will tune in to the areas that feel most disconnected and illuminate what holds you back from living your most fulfilled life. The life that fills you with deep joy and tickles your feet to jump out of bed each morning.


As we embody our lives, we integrate the blocks that stop us in our tracks, connecting us deeper to our truth. This gives space to step into our most authentic selves: living in intentional spaciousness, clearing the heaviness, and empowering you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


This is not a quick fix, but a life practice that will leave you feeling open and expansive. Renewing and reenergizing yourself to be able to carve out the time you’ve wanted for your family, your loved ones, and yourself.


If you're ready to jump in and reconnect with your dreams and desires…